Format-Development | Workshops

As a trainer and collaborator in developing teams, i‘m a creative person adapting to the needs of my clients.

I love to find new ways of telling storys. We live in a world with everyday new tools .. let‘s play them!

My workshops are a kind of finding a new language.

It‘s a visual-laboratory for storytelling.


Christian Striboll


Corporate Movie





SRF (Swiss Television)


3-week developing workshop.

Experimenting with different formats and finalising 8 concrete ideas.

All ideas have been developed for cultural reportages meant to be publish online.

Together with a crew of 6 experienced tv-makers we discussed contemporary crossmedial storytelling.

ZDF Enterprise

Production of the first trailer for a new documentary series for arte.

Together with the company: doc.station i realized a visual and narrative guide-line. we shot everything in elsass-lothringen (france) and had lots of fun together with the presenter Ulla Lohmann.

(Website: Ulla Lohmann)

client _ ZDF Enterprise/ doc.station

presenter/ actor _ Ulla Lohmann

director-camera _ Christian Striboll

Pamilo TV (Fashion Website)


Together with the Company: QFILM

(Website: QFILM), i realized a new video-launch for PamiloTV. .. and further will follow!

client _ Pamilo TV

production _ Q-Film

director _ Christian Striboll

AMD (Academie for Fashion & Design)


A yearly 2-week workshop.

Since 2008 i‘m doing workshops together with fashion- and design-students.

It‘s mostly about finding a way to present their fashion and the designer in an artistic video.

Sometimes it‘s kind of a short-portrait; sometimes morge graphical; sometimes kind of crossmedial.

Some of many examples.

ARD-ZDF Media Academy


1-week crossmedia workshop.

(Web-Video + DSLR Filmmaking)

It was mainly about presenting contemporary crossmedial online documentarys.

About telling storys in new and unseen online examples.

Calculating their expenses and trying to adapt these to the needs of the formats from the workshop participats.

Gruner & Jahr Media Academy


1-week crossmedia workshop.

(Web-Video + DSLR Filmmaking)

Milchstrassen Verlag


1-week crossmedia workshop.

(Web-Video + DSLR Filmmaking)

Henry-Nannen Schule

Gruner & Jahr


1-week crossmedia workshop.

(Web-Video + DSLR Filmmaking)

Some of my former Workshops for Magazin-Editors.

which have been mainly used as kind of an entry-workshop for viral video-producing.

BJB-BJO Tour2014 (Participate Video - Tourdoku)

Based on a workshop in which i showed them the basics in camerawork - armed them with a clear list of interview questions and picture needs - i made them to film their tour by themselfes.

Participate Video was always the best way to get as close as possible to an event and its people. A cameracrew clearly would have been a situation and authenticity killer. All the shaking and overexposed pictures are acceptable or even underlining the feeling of beeing right with them on the tour.

Clearly, all this only works with a professional and well dramatized editing afterwards. The result is a quite entertaining-funny-authentic-chaotic tour-documentation.

Thx to the people of the Bundesjugendballet & Bundesjugendorchester for haveing me with them! You are pure power!

<- here you can watch the first of 4 chapters.

client _ Bundesjugendballet

production _ Schnittlust

editor _ Frank Unsinn

director _ Christian Striboll




client _ BNKR

agency _ KarlAnders

director _ Christian Striboll

Developing a visual and narrative language for recurrent performances

at the  BNKR Gallery in munich.

Starting with the international noticed artist:

Christian Falsnaes (